Treehouses of the Caribbean

I don’t know about you, but few things inspire me to get up from my armchair more than evidence of EVEN BETTER sitting options elsewhere in the world. Like hammocks. In treehouses. In the Caribbean.

Lush islands of dense green foliage. Balmy sea breezes. Tropical birdsong. So where better to kick back with a sundowner than nestled up amongst the leaves?

Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista

A remote treehouse community complete with monkeys (!) and toucans in spectacular rainforest that offers incredible hikes. This place looks ridiculously lush, fertile and FUN.



Photo via Manicou River

Manicou River

Get off the grid and back to nature in this stunning eco lodge. Hummingbird song accompanies your morning coffee, and you can enjoy magical views from the comfort of your own hammock. Just looking at *pictures* of their views is chilling me out.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Tree House Village

A secluded jungle retreat with fresh air, delicious food – plus a zipline in case just sleeping up amongst the treetops is a bit too sedate for you. (Warning: watch out for the video lady if you visit their website – she scared the crap out of me as I’d left my volume up!)


Domaine de Robinson

Where the forest meets the sea. You could spend your day paddling about in still, clear water off the black sand beach and then your evenings relaxing up amongst the treetops. Perfect!

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