Me drinking a cocktail in an outdoor bar

Ringing in the new year in Cambodia

Some of my all-time favourite travel moments were acts of serendipity. Spending an evening dancing atop a double-decker bus through Berlin, having followed a gaggle of musicians aboard Pied Piper-style. Chasing an incredible smell through the winding streets of Essaouira to the best tagine I ate in all of Morocco. Moments that can’t be scripted or found in the pages of a travel guide.

But I also have a chronic fear of missing out. My boyfriend and I have never quite recovered from discovering the existence of Aoshima, a cat island, five years after we lived in Japan. And these days, you have the wisdom of the masses at your fingertips. Sure, you need to be able to take it with a pinch of salt (how many *different* top 10 things can possibly be unmissable in Paris?) but it’s good to know your options.

Not to mention that planning is my favourite way of travelling vicariously between trips. So join me in a spot of armchair travel to soothe itchy feet and inspire journeys yet to come.

Happy exploring!


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